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Boys to Kings Mentoring Alliance

Written by Wanda Armstead Smith, KFN Contributor

Finding Purpose
After being away from Kinston, NC for almost two decades, Kenyari Fields returned to his hometown in 2016 to make a difference. He graduated from St. Augustine in Raleigh, NC, but moved to Texas, where he had been living for five years. He had all the trappings of success. “I was really well-to-do. Especially as a little boy from Kinston. I ended up being the Director of Admissions for ITT Technical Institute. I was making really good money there. It wasn’t six figures, but I lived good. I had a really nice condo downtown and a really nice car. But those were all materialistic things”, Fields explained. However, once he started trying to seek purpose, God began to reveal some things about himself. “God was showing me about being so egotistical and so materialistic. I was able to go in the Gucci store and buy $1500 shoes and it didn’t affect me. And when you’re not used to having it, it does give you a boastful spirit. I ca…

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