"CBC ENTERTAINMENT" by Wanda Armstead Smith

Indeed, Kinston’s got talent! In fact, there are a lot of creative minds in Kinston, NC and artists who are yet to be discovered. Many local artists simply don’t have the resources and support necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry. Well, now they will! Young masterminds Emanuel Webb and Leander Simmons of Kinston, who are also artists, saw the need and have set out to create solutions to help others.

About CBC Entertainment
During our interview, Webb and Simmons explain they are Co-CEO’s of an “up and coming” independent record label, called CBC Entertainment. The label will provide artist development services, access to a recording studio and platforms for artist exposure. “We’re not the type out here shooting guns”, says Webb. In fact, they have been hard at work crafting their master business plan. “We just want to provide opportunities for local artists to advance themselves”, Webb says. CBC, which stands for Can’t Be Contained, represents their business’ philosophy. Webb expands on their core beliefs, “you can do anything you want to do; don't let someone else stop you.” And they are certainly living their dream! The entrepreneurs not only plan to be successful in business, but have plans to do positive things for the youth in their community. “When we get the club during the week, we’ll have chess tournaments, tutoring for kids and even cook them lunch!” Webb adds.
Simmons, who is from Kinston (KHS c/o ‘98), studied Business Administration at Lenoir Community College. He handles the company’s business side; While Webb, who moved to Kinston from New York in 2005, handles the engineering side. “I taught myself how to mix tracks when I was just 13 years old”, Webb recalls. Putting their talents together, these entrepreneurs built a studio from the ground up. “We’ve come a long way from just free-styling-we’re now making hits”, says Webb. To their credit, they have been doing mix tapes and shows for years, opening for other major artists like “Rich Boy” and “Shawty Lo.” On a local level, they gained popularity for hosting Open Mic Sundays, which was held weekly at Starz Night Club. “It was our idea! We were going there to do shows. When we walked through the door, the DJ would say now we can get started!” chuckles Webb. This platform was a great opportunity for artists from all genres to showcase their talents on stage. “We had people from out of town just to come to open mic!” Webb exclaims.

Upcoming Projects
Due to popular demand, CBC Entertainment plans to re-launch their open mic night series. “We’re going to start it back up—it’s going to bring back what we lost!” Webb says. To kick off the event, Webb and Simmons will be hosting a Grand Opening on November 8, 2012 at Starz Night Club in Kinston. They are encouraging everyone to come out to perform and to support the artists.

CBC Entertainment now has 13 independent artists who are on board. The company is looking to build their fan base while also building their credibility in the industry. According to Webb, they’ve recorded three mixed tape demos which were given away to fans to help promote their music. With the launching of their fourth mix tape titled, “The Preview”, they plan to take their label to the next level. To keep up with the demand, they are currently shopping for new beats for future projects. Also, in the near future the two are working towards a clothing line and starting a youth group, helping kids (especially those in poverty).

CBC Entertainment would like our support. For more information, artists and interested parties should contact Emanuel Webb @ 252-775-1903
or Leander Simmons @ 919-221-3356
Facebook-Like Their Page Here
Reverbnation-Listen to Sample Music & Become a Fan Here


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