This Thanksgiving holiday will bring hundreds of past and present Kinstonians together again in our beloved city! The biggest reunion in the city since Labor Day, this weekend will bring people from all over the country to Kinston, NC to enjoy dinner with their families and/or to attend the events happening throughout the city!

Whether you lived up the hill or down the hill...whether you attended Kinston High School or Adkin High School…whether you like hip hop or old school, THERE’S A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE to enjoy! After you get tired of Thanksgiving food, be sure to patronize Kinston restaurants and shops to help bring more revenue to the city!(Click here for a list of restaurants)

Spending Thanksgiving Day elsewhere? No problem! There's still time to make it to Kinston for a weekend full of events. However, if you do plan to be in town, come on out and show your support, even if it's just to say hello! To RSVP or for more info, click on the event title to be linked to their Facebook event page.

Here is a list of KFN's top picks:(not all inclusive)

.....FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2012.....

DREAM TEAM PARTYfeaturing Comedian Grave Digger
Hosted by: James Hodges (Mr. Chic)
834 Hardee Rd (behind Vernon Park Mall)
Kinston, NC
Come prepared to laugh hard and party hard at one of Kinston's newest upscale entertainment hotspots! Join the original Q97 Superstars @ this 1st annual "dream team" affair featuring Lester Jackson (L.J.), Steve Lewis, Trevor Ford (The Neckbone Rock), D.J. Slide, Captain Newborn (The Starburst Night Club), Tony Perry, James Hodges (Chic), Disco Tree & Master Cee
Cost: $10
Dress Code: No sneakers or athletic gear
Age: 30 y/o+

Hosted by: Virgil Lofton
The Glass House
601 N. McLewean St
Kinston, NC
This is a grown & sexy affair! Q97 Superstar, DJ Uncle Verge, will be returning to Kinston from Atlanta, GA to host this annual old school party at one of Kinston's most popular party venues.
Cost: $10
Dress Code: Casual (no sneakers)
Age: 25 y/o+

(Doors Open @ 10:00pm)
Hosted by: GCB Productions & Averett Entertainment...
...featuring D.J. Kaoss & D.J. Kente
Club Climax
1375 Hwy 285 South
Kinston, NC
Come see national artist, Mykko Montana, and opening acts SMG, Amtrak, Rich and TootToot perform live and dance to the top 40 R&B & hip hop music at one of Kinton's hottest night clubs.
Cost: $15-Advance (Tickets on sale now! Contact Joe @ 252-452-0119 or
Glenn @ 919-809-0404 or @ “All About Music Store”

Dress Code: No durags or t-shirts
Age: 21 y/o+
(Security will be strictly enforced!)

Hosted by: James Fields & Christopher "Mert" Murphy featuring D.J. Bubbalicious
House of Ester
1401 Old Snow Hill Rd
Kinston, NC
Come celebrate this 3rd annual all-class party & networking affair! Enjoy a live band and dance to some great music. This is a BYOB event. Rooms reserved @ the Holiday Inn Express for a limited amount of guests! Contact clashthree@gmail.com for availability.
Cost: $10 (advance)
Dress Code: Dress to impress
Age: Adults Only
(Security will be strictly enforced!)

.....SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2012.....

Hosted by: Willie Dunk & Chuck D...
...featuring DJ Uncle Verge
836 Hardee Rd (behind Vernon Park Mall)
Kinston, NC
Party with a purpose to benefit Toys for Tots. This event is back by special request! Also, come help Loretta Moye & Willie Dunk celebrate their birthdays. Wear your best 70’s or 80’s gear for a chance to win $50 & a trophy in the best dressed contest! Free food by Chef AJ and a cash bar.
Cost: $10 (w/toy) or $15 (without toy)

Age: 30 y/o+
Dress Code: 70’s or 80’s

Hosted by: Deek Harris & James Fields featuring DJ Dnice
American Legion
300 McLewean St
Kinston, NC
Join the high school fraternities, Lamdas and Sigmas, as they host a night of fun for all! Remember the Ebony Angels, Ques, Alphas, Charms and Deltas from KHS? Calling all old high school fraternities, sororities and all others home for the holidays who are coming together for a “Skool Daze” style party. (not a party for high school kids, street gangs or college Greek organizations). Come dance to hits from classes 1982-2012 for a night to remember; NOT a BYOB event!
Cost $10
Age: 25 y/o+(women); 30 y/o+(men)
Dress Code: Relax Casual (No college or gang gear)

The Kinston Family Network urges everyone to please drink & party responsibly!-Get a designated driver!


  1. Good to know things are happening in our beloved hometown.


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